What we do

Transport and Scour

  • Erodibility and scour rate assessments
  • Sand wave mobility studies
  • Subsea structure scour assessments
  • Mobile span dynamic morphology
  • VIV of pipelines on erodible seabeds
  • Scour assessments
  • Seabed mobility, sand wave and trench backfill assessment and modelling


  • Deeply embedded pipelines
  • Flexible concrete and frond mats
  • Rock berm permeability and stability

Structure and Pipeline Fluid/Soil Interaction

  • Finite Element Modelling
  • Structure-soil-fluid interaction modelling
  • Dynamic stability analysis
  • Pipeline scour/self-burial and stability modelling and assessment
  • Development of novel models for cable response under seismic-induced seabed liquefaction
  • Identification and characterisation of marine biota


  • Subsea pipelines, umbilical and cables
  • Subsea structures, jacket and CGS foundations
  • Piles and bridge piers
  • Offshore windfarms and tidal arrays

Physical and Numerical Modelling

  • Scoping, execution and interpretation of physical model tests
  • Scaling of model tests to correctly predict prototype behaviour
  • Interpretation and analysis of field data
  • CFD modelling of fluid flow around subsea structures and pipelines
  • FE modelling of pipeline response
  • Structural reliability modelling and Monte Carlo simulation