Our People

Our team are highly specialized experts within their respective fields.
At AOE we have fun working together and are particularly excited to share our passion for solving novel offshore engineering problems.

Claire Bisgood


Claire is a bookkeeper with over ten years of experience working with various service industry entities. She enjoys working with smaller businesses which requires a broad working knowledge of the business and were she can take ownership of the business accounting function. Claire has a background in tax accounting and exploration geology and has found working for a growing scientific focused business such as Aurora, exciting and challenging.

Liang Cheng Prof, FTSE

Principal Engineer – Hydrodynamics

Prior to relocating to China in 2022, Liang was a Winthrop professor of fluid dynamics at The University of Western Australia (UWA), with more than 20 years’ experience in research and specialist consulting work. Liang’s research areas cover fundamental fluid mechanics, flow/structure interactions, sediment transport, physical and numerical modelling of flow/structure/foundation interaction problems. vortex-induced vibrations (motions) of offshore structures, hydrodynamic forces on offshore structures, local scour around subsea structures, sediment transport, pipeline scour/self-burial, pipeline stability and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling of flow/structure interactions. Liang has published more than 200 technical papers in these research areas. Liang has also been working closely with the oil and gas industry, providing specialist consulting services for various offshore oil and gas projects. He is the leader of a research team that has developed new design methods for stability design of pipelines on erodible seabeds.

Scott Draper DPhil, BEng (Hons), BCom

Principal Engineer- Scour

Scott is an Associate Professor at The University of Western Australia (UWA), with 11 years of experience in research and specialist consulting work. Scott’s research areas cover fundamental fluid mechanics, flow/structure interaction, marine renewable energy, scour and sediment transport. He works actively on both physical and numerical modelling of flow/structure/foundation interaction problems. Scott has published more than 150 technical papers and his research has been adopted in the hydrocarbon and marine renewable energy industries. Prior to joining Aurora as a consultant he worked for approximately 4 years with Fugro in Perth as a specialist consultant in scour. He has lead-authored a new design guideline for the stability design of subsea pipelines and has been a member of several Joint Industry Projects.

Beth D’Sylva

Head of HR 

Beth’s background is in primary teaching but has been working in Human Resources for the last five years. She previously worked in a boutique consultancy specialising in providing holistic human resources for small to medium businesses in Australia. Beth worked with AOE in 2021 as a consultant and is really happy to have joined the team in 2022.

Andrea Graiani BSc

Marine Scientist Graduate

Andrea is a marine scientist with experience in undertaking seabed characterisation and analysis, in particular the identification and quantification of seabed habitat (meso-scale roughness) measurement and sessile epibenthic marine biota identification.

Terry Griffiths PhD, BSc, BE (Hons), MIEAust, CPEng

Director / Principal Engineer – Cable Response

Terry is a mechanical engineer with over 25 years’ experience in pipeline, subsea facilities and cables engineering including in Australia, Asia and the North Sea. He has been involved in the full life cycle from conceptual, FEED and detailed design to operational integrity studies, including design, costing, construction support and consultancy engineering. He has also been involved in a number of research and development projects extending the boundaries of existing industry knowledge, including the STABLEpipe JIP which has developed new design methods for stability design of pipelines on erodible seabeds. In 2022, Terry completed his PhD at UWA focusing on research into the behaviour of cables on rocky seabeds.

Samantha Hoekstra

Subsea Engineering Intern

Samantha is in her final year of a Bachelor of Ocean Engineering at AMC. She won SUT’s Digital Automation in Engineering Scholarship for 2022-2023. Samantha  joined Aurora Offshore Engineering in August 2023 and is excited to apply her developing engineering skills to assisting in solving real life problems in the renewable energy sector.

Jack Jorgensen B.Eng (1st Class Hon), MIEAust

Subsea Engineer

Jack is a professional mechanical engineer with broad technology development experience across 10 years in research, innovation, design and simulation for the energy industry, coupled with project delivery capability in design, construction & contract management, operation & maintenance and performance assessment. An initial career focus on simulation, data analysis, generation asset performance assessment and design has evolved to incorporate project, people and stakeholder management, business and relationship development activities, and company representation. He is comfortable performing and managing technical tasks, and can confidently plan, manage and execute engineering projects with sound procurement and commercial grounding. He is passionate about working on the development and deployment of clean energy technologies and solutions, and enjoys working in innovative team cultures to solve challenging engineering and technology problems, from first principles through to real-world solutions. He is also presently undertaking a Doctorate of Philosophy on the reliability of bolted connections for the offshore wind industry.

Piers Larcombe PhD MSc BSc

Principal Marine Geoscientist / Sedimentologist

Piers Larcombe is a Coastal, Estuarine and Marine Geoscientist with >30 years’ experience in pure and applied sedimentary research, offshore consultancy and government advice, including in Australia, the NW European shelf and the Pacific. He deals with all timescales and spatial scales of sediment transport and sedimentary systems. He has been involved in most aspects of coastal and marine developments’ life cycles, providing strategic, environmental and technical advice to support engineering design and the assessment of engineering risk and environmental impacts. He has led work to support many developments including proposed new coastal nuclear power stations in the UK and a variety of coastal and offshore facilities in NW Australia. He promotes the uptake of physical and sedimentary science into environmental, engineering, regulatory and archaeological work. He successfully pioneered predictions of underwater visibility for offshore ROV operations.

Susie Muir

Subsea Engineering Intern

Susie is a first year Engineering and Finance student at UWA. She joined Aurora Offshore Engineering in May 2023 and is excited to apply her developing engineering skills to assisting in solving real life problems in the renewable energy sector.

Isla Oliver BSc (1st Class Hon) MSc

Marine Science Graduate

Isla completed her Master of Biological Science degree at the University of Western Australia in 2022. Throughout her degree, Isla worked with the Australian Institute of Marine Science for her thesis, investigating spatial patterns in the trophic ecology of mesopredatory fish in coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. She joined Aurora Offshore Engineering in January 2023 and is excited to apply her knowledge of marine science and ecology to the renewable energy sector.

Hector Paturau BSc MPE

Subsea Engineering Graduate

Hector is a final year Master of Professional Engineering student majoring in mechanical engineering at the University of Western Australia. Hector completed his master’s thesis researching the influence of canted winglets used on hydrofoils through numerical simulations. He has continuously worked during his time at university in order to reinforce his professional and technical skills. He has experience in the mining, aerospace and defence industry. Hector has developed a passion for coastal and offshore engineering. He has commenced his career at Aurora Offshore Engineering as a graduate engineer.

Fabrizio Pistani PhD MEng (1st Class Hon)

Engineering Manager / Principal Engineer – Floating Systems

Fabrizio is a Mechanical Engineer with a Ph.D. in Naval Hydrodynamics and 20+ years of experience in hydrodynamics, engineering and design of mooring systems, offshore operations, lifts and installations, analysis of flexible risers, offshore support and planning of operations and installation of mooring systems with some of the main international consultancy engineering companies. He has an extensive background of Research in naval hydrodynamics, design and execution of model experiments and data analysis, having worked as Research Scientist for Italian Institute of Marine Engineering, INM-INSEAN and the University of Western Australia. Author of 30+ scientific papers and presentation to conferences.


Joshua Pretorius BE

Subsea Engineering Graduate

Joshua completed his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Honours degree at Curtin University in 2022. His final year thesis project investigated cooling mechanisms for gas turbine blades using finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics. Joshua worked through his degree and has experience in consulting engineering within the mining industry. He joined Aurora Offshore Engineering in October 2022 and is excited to begin his career in renewable energy.

Marie-Lise Schläppy BSc Hons, MSc, PhD

Principal Marine Ecologist

Marie-Lise is a marine and benthic ecologist with over 20 years’ experience in marine benthic invertebrates communities and small tropical fishes in Australia, Southeast-Asia, Europe, the Pacific and temperate regions. She has been involved in assessing marine communities on and around man-made structures, including offshore wind, marine renewable energy and oil and gas infrastructure. She has also been collaborating with industry to shape research questions of common interest to find solution to industry challenges.

Bryan Thurstan BE

Principal Subsea Engineer

Bryan is a Principal Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in structural design, offshore and subsea construction, project management and client representative roles. His particular areas of expertise are finding practical solutions to complex structural and construction issues, particularly with regard to offshore and subsea installations. Bryan has wide experience with all areas of offshore jacket and topside design, and pipeline and subsea design & construction. Bryan also has experience with geotechnical and civil works. He has acted as a client representative for numerous projects, and has extensive experience in negotiating government and third party approvals for complex and innovative projects. This includes experience managing the safety critical elements for the structural components of offshore jackets, topside & subsea installations.

Jack Thwaites BE

Subsea Engineering Graduate

Jack completed his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Honours degree at Curtin University in 2022. His final year thesis project investigated optimising the performance and lifetime of PV panels through a heat pipe cooling design. Jack co-authored a research paper on a new cost-effectiveness metric for wave energy converters as part of his internship with the UWA Wave Energy Research Centre in 2021. He joined Aurora Offshore Engineering in June 2023 and is excited to begin his career in renewable energy.


Yunfei Teng PhD

Subsea Engineer – Hydrodynamics

Yunfei is a Coastal and Offshore engineer with over 5 years’ experience in research and analysis of pipeline and cables engineering including in Australia and Asia. He has been involved in leading-edge research into the hydrodynamic forces on small diameter pipelines and cables above rough beds, and has developed significant expertise in data analysis and interpretation. He has recently completed his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Liang Cheng.

Feifei Tong

Subsea Engineer

Feifei Tong is a casual Subsea Engineer at Aurora Offshore Engineering. He is interested in the flow of fluids and their impact on structures and the environment. Feifei has been developing tools and utilises supercomputing in addressing industrial needs. Feifei enjoys sharing and learning through collaborating, writing and teaching at work. While not at work, Feifei likes to read with his two curious children. Their current favourite book is ‘100 Things to Know about Science’.

Ben Williams

Principal Engineer – Metocean

Ben is a metocean engineer with 20 years’ research and industry experience in oceanographic data analysis and numerical modelling for hazard analysis and structure design. His project experience ranges across Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia, Middle East, USA, Canada, UK and Europe. He has led metocean engineering teams on international collaborative projects and is used to communicating detailed technical concepts at international conferences and client/ stakeholder meetings. He is a Discipline Expert (Coastal Systems Engineering) for Engineers Australia accreditation panel and a member of Industry Expert Advisory Board, Southern Cross University (NSW).

Runze Zhang BSc MEng

Subsea Engineering Graduate

Runze completed his Bachelor of Science degree at University of Western Australia in 2019. His academic study for the degree of Master of Professional Engineering has been finalised in the mid of 2022 and commenced his internship at Aurora Offshore Engineering in November in the same year. Runze has developed a huge interest in the ocean and seabed when he was undertaking the units named “Costal and Offshore Engineering” and “Introduction to Design of Offshore Systems”. Consequently, Runze undertook an ocean relevant research project as his postgraduate thesis which investigates the accuracy of a forecasted ocean current data by adopting the result of Rottnest Channel Swimming event. Runze has studied, investigated and have strong understanding of aero/hydrodynamics and offshore structures.